What is the 1-hour Talk by Jurgen Appelo offer?

Invest EUR 7,500 or more as part of our crowdfunding campaign starting November 1st, 2018.  The first 10 investors who do so will be awarded a One-hour Talk by Jurgen Appelo.

  • Each investor (no matter if it’s an individual or an organization) can be awarded only one One-hour Talk.
  • The details of the talk, e.g. date, subject, etc. will be mutually agreed upon between the successful investor and Jurgen Appelo.
  • The award of the one-hour talk will be performed after the end of each funding quarter and successful investors will be informed accordingly.
  • This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a maximum of 10 One-hour Talks have been awarded.
  • The free One-hour Talk must take place within one year after being awarded.
  • Travel expenses for in-person One-hour Talks are not included.