What is the Free-for-Life License draw?

Invest at least EUR 2,500 as part of our crowdfunding campaign starting November 1st, 2018 and you will automatically participate in a draw of 50 Free-For-Life Standard Licenses per quarter.

  • You have a chance of winning a Free-For-Life Standard license for each EUR 2,500 that you invest. In other words, if you invest 10K, you have a 4x higher chance of winning.
  • Each investor (no matter if it’s an individual or an organization) can win only one Free-For-Life license per crowdfunding campaign.
  • The Free-For-Life licenses are all Standard user licenses, which is a license that other users have to pay for.
  • Free-For-Life means that we support the license until the user stops making use of it, or until the Mind Settlers platform ceases its operations.
  • The draw of the Free-For-Life license will be performed after the end of each funding quarter and winners will be informed accordingly. The first funding quarter starts on November 1st 2018 and the first winners will, therefore, be drawn in February 2019.
  • This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a maximum of 200 Free-For-Life licenses have been distributed.