Is the info I enter visible to me only, to all Mind Settlers players or to anyone online?

Here is what others can see.

Website: mark milestones, named top adventurers.

The website lets our wider community insights into the platform we’re building. The website shows anonymized app player activity, with a few exceptions.

ACTIVITY STREAM: you’ll see a mostly anonymous Last Week’s activity stream on Players that reach mark milestones (1st mark, 100 marks, etc.) are mentioned by name right now.

We plan to add anonymous activity to other pages such as tracks, camps, practices, so it’s clear that we’re not just a content curator – we empower people to record their agile adventures and capture progress made towards organizational agility.

TOP PLAYERS: if you scroll down on the home page, you’ll find a section that names the 12 players who’ve made the most cumulative marks.

AUTHORS: if you have authored publicly available content or tracks, your profile will be discoverable on our website through your content. Click here or here to see examples.

App: player joins, player’s first mark.
App player names will show for events listed on the app home screen activity stream, under the yellow people icon. Players can see these basic actions by everyone using the app.

App: journeys started, milestones, completed.
These events currently show in the home screen activity stream under the red journey icon. Other players can see journeys others start or complete. They also can see if a milestone was reached (25%, 50%, 75%). These also can be reached through tracks as well using the In Progress or Completed details.

App: marks can be public or private.
The last section shows public marks by players. You can change ‘public’ to private this is a setting you can control when you mark your activity – change the last option on the second screen from ‘public’ to ‘myself.’

Note: by default, this is always set to public! We want to encourage community interaction – sharing your work is a great way to connect with others, inspire others, help others.

Questions, suggestions, feedback?
Please let us know your thoughts on public vs. private. Are you happy with our approach? Would you tweak it? You can submit through the app (Profile>Settings) or email us any time at