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Jurgen Appelo, Founder & CEO

Pioneer, Groundbreaker, Visionary

Jurgen Appelo is pioneering management to help creative organizations survive and thrive in the 21st century. He offers concrete games, tools, and practices, so you can introduce better management, with fewer managers. Jurgen calls himself a creative networker. But sometimes he’s a writer, speaker, trainer, entrepreneur, illustrator, manager, blogger, reader, dreamer, leader, freethinker, or…Dutch guy.

Jurgen’s favorite games are Risk, Mexican Train, and his own work-life, which he considers one big game.

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Ceyda Erten

Content, Hiring, Morale Builder

Ceyda loves communicating with people of all backgrounds and supporting them with bringing their ideas into life. An avid reader, she enjoys building partnerships with authors and featuring their work to reach a wider audience. She has been living in the United States for almost a decade and travels frequently. Ceyda spends her free time thinking and learning about empowerment, psychology, and education.

Ceyda’s favorite game is anything she and her two sisters play together.

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Dariusz Bacinski

Android development

Dariusz has been working in mobile for nearly a decade. Symbian was the gateway drug but it quickly gave way to Android and its ecosystem. Loves trying out bleeding-edge technologies and spending every spare hour on learning new stuff. Happy husband and a father of two.

Darek’s favorite games are Dots,  Five in a row, and SimCity.

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Harald Paul

Strategy, Business, Finance

Harald has 20 years’ experience in high-tech markets and considers himself a practical strategist with a focus on creating business models that make customers and businesses smile. After starting his career in a corporate environment at Nortel, Harald has worked in mid-sized technology companies, in three startups and as an independent consultant. He lives in Germany, near Frankfurt. Harald’s personal interests are understanding human behavior, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.

Harald’s favorite object of play is his electric guitar, which he puts to use in a Blues-Rock band.

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Paula Cassin

Marketing, Business, Strategy

Paula has spent over 14 years working for tech companies, helping them progress from start up to scaling and even into redesign. She loves working at the intersection of people, product, and purpose. She spends her free time facilitating and mentoring for Girl Scouts as well as the Computer Science Academy at SBHS projects in Santa Barbara, CA.

Paula would NEVER say no to trying out a new board game. Her favorite games are Splendor, 7 Wonders, Sushi-go, and Gardenscapes.

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Dejan Nesic

Web development, platform builder

Dejan is a senior front-end developer, equipped with modern JavaScript skills. He loves building beautiful, modern, hybrid web apps and is passionate about great design and UX. For the past 10 years Dejan has been involved in building up numerous startups and startup world mainly through Livit and Bolt communities, but also through his own endeavors. He currently lives in Serbia and sometimes Spain.

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Iain Thackrah

Product, Deep Thinker, Designer at heart

Iain is a former educator who spent ten years embedding gamification, agile and design thinking principles into classrooms. Now as Product Owner for Agility Scales, Iain uses his knowledge and experience to connect customers with value when designing new capabilities of the platform. Being used to pupil-led education, Iain enjoys working in our horizontal organization and collaborating with team members and customers to determine winning solutions.

Much to the disappointment of his students, Iain’s favorite game is Destiny, but he’s happy playing any game in any medium. In his opinion, ‘all games are created equal’ and ‘all life is a game’. 

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Pedro Mêdas​

Software Development, Product Design, Agilist

Pedro loves to work on challenging projects where he can help bring the best in each team member. Pedro has worked in tech in different capacities from more than 20+ years, from large international corporations to new startups. Discovering new ways to do things, always having an open mind for new ideas, combined with his global project management consulting background make Pedro a great addition to the team. Pedro’s hobbies are books, books and more books - and also data mining, agile design thinking and storytelling.

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Paweł Urban

Android Engineer, Adventures Enjoyer, Lifelong Learner

Paweł has spent >8 years around mobile solutions, mostly developing native applications but also dealing with connectivity and Android OS development. When it comes to development, he's a big fan of "doing things the right way," with a focus on architecture and clean code techniques. He's also a fan of agile development and working in happy, open environments. While not working Paweł loves spending time with the family on a bike or backpacking.

Paweł’s favorite games are online flight simulations which led him to a new passion – piloting real airplanes.

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Mathias Daus

Technology, systems integration

Mathias is passionate about science, computer, sports and music. In the recent past, he worked in the games industry and discovered that agile methods can overcome structural problems. Working with complex systems led him to understand Management 3.0: empower your people your and teams, align constraints and develop and encourage individual competence and growth.

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Tolga Özdemir

User Experience, Product

Tolga is a product UX designer. He has been working in digital products for about more than a decade. His main passion about creating better user experience and performing better CRO. He loves playing with data and analyzing user behaviour. He lives in Istanbul and acts as a true world citizen. He is an independent traveller, awarded amateur photographer and very curious guy.

Tolga is a good casual game player. He plays almost all online casual games but his favorites are 8 Ball Pool, Trivia Crack and Words with Friends.