Investor FAQs

Why Invest

Some agile experts have called our idea “the first real innovation since Scrum”. Multiple people have said, “If this works, it’s going to be huge.” Of course, we agree with those assessments. 🙂 However, with big opportunities also come high risks. You should only invest in a startup if you understand what is at stake.

Apart from supporting an innovative platform and being able to say that you own it, the main benefit we plan to deliver is a good return on investment. That’s what investing is all about, after all. 🙂

Apart from that, as an investor, you will be among the first to know what is going on in the company:

  • We will share business metrics with you every month so you can see how we are progressing towards our quarterly milestones as described in our full pitch deck (Register your interest to access it.)
  • We will send you regular investor updates by email.
  • We will offer a quarterly update virtual call.
  • Now and then we will invite you for other online events. Sorry, you do not get free access to services. An investor is not automatically also a customer.

All investors are invited to participate in discussions on our Slack channels, with direct access to our team members. There are also monthly email updates to investors about how the company is doing.

Each quarter, we offer benefits for larger investors.

Investors who make an investment into Agility Scales of EUR 2,500 or more have a chance to be awarded a Free-For-Life Standard License for the Mind Settlers platform. We are giving away 50 Free-For-Life Standard Licenses per quarter, starting November 1st, 2018.

Investors who make an investment into Agility Scales of EUR 7,500 or more will also be awarded a one-hour talk by Jurgen Appelo.

See the FAQs below for more details on these offers.

Invest EUR 7,500 or more as part of our crowdfunding campaign starting November 1st, 2018.  The first 10 investors who do so will be awarded a One-hour Talk by Jurgen Appelo.

  • Each investor (no matter if it’s an individual or an organization) can be awarded only one One-hour Talk.
  • The details of the talk, e.g. date, subject, etc. will be mutually agreed upon between the successful investor and Jurgen Appelo.
  • The award of the one-hour talk will be performed after the end of each funding quarter and successful investors will be informed accordingly.
  • This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a maximum of 10 One-hour Talks have been awarded.
  • The free One-hour Talk must take place within one year after being awarded.
  • Travel expenses for in-person One-hour Talks are not included.

Invest at least EUR 2,500 as part of our crowdfunding campaign starting November 1st, 2018 and you will automatically participate in a draw of 50 Free-For-Life Standard Licenses per quarter.

  • You have a chance of winning a Free-For-Life Standard license for each EUR 2,500 that you invest. In other words, if you invest 10K, you have a 4x higher chance of winning.
  • Each investor (no matter if it’s an individual or an organization) can win only one Free-For-Life license per crowdfunding campaign.
  • The Free-For-Life licenses are all Standard user licenses, which is a license that other users have to pay for.
  • Free-For-Life means that we support the license until the user stops making use of it, or until the Mind Settlers platform ceases its operations.
  • The draw of the Free-For-Life license will be performed after the end of each funding quarter and winners will be informed accordingly. The first funding quarter starts on November 1st 2018 and the first winners will, therefore, be drawn in February 2019.
  • This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a maximum of 200 Free-For-Life licenses have been distributed.

If you are a subscriber of the Mind Settlers platform for 12 continuous months, you will be awarded shares in Agility Scales. Four times per year, on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1, we will convert 25% of fees paid in the preceding 12 months to shares.

  • Only for paid Mind Settlers subscriptions that have been running continuously for a full 12 months (365 days).
  • The same applies for the next full year (no quarterly additions), i.e. once shares have been awarded at the end of a 12 month period, the next continuous 12 month period starts, at the end of which the next shares can be awarded.
  • Paid subscriptions that have started before January 1st, 2019 also qualify.
  • We offer these shares to the customer who has paid the bills for the continuous 12 months.
  • Shares awarded under this scheme will be added to any shares purchased by the customer as an investor.
  • The first shares will be awarded at the beginning of 2019 based on the 12 months ending on 31st December 2018.
  • We will offer a quarterly update at the beginning of each quarter.
  • This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a total of EUR 100,000 in net subscription fees have been converted into shares.

We will convert 25% of net fees paid in a continuous 12 month period into shares. The value of a share at the time of the share award will be used for the calculation (share value at the end of the corresponding quarter). Share numbers will be rounded down to full shares. For example 25% of 12 * 19€ = 57€; at a share price of 5€, this will result in the award of 11 shares.

  • Shares in Agility Scales will be offered in the form of certificates (depository receipts).
  • Customers who are awarded shares must participate in the signing of a corresponding agreement and are required to have their identity verified and provide proof of their address.
  • The person who is awarded the shares can decide to give the shares to someone else at the time when the corresponding certificate is issued. In this case, the beneficiary has to participate in the signing of a corresponding certificate (see above).

Learn More - Company and Product

When you register your interest at we will email you a link where you can view the expanded Pitch Deck and access the Investor Resources folder on Google Drive (includes official documents, downloadable pitch deck, architecture documentation, letter to potential investors, and a bit more).

Certainly! Please download the Mind Settlers app from the Google Play store. There is no charge for the first 30 days (learn more about subscriptions here). If you do not have an Android device, please see the next FAQ…

Yes! Please explore, and then see the Android app in action by watching the videos here.

If you have registered your interest and are in communication with our team, let them know if you’d like a virtual demo. If there is enough interest we will schedule some live sessions for potential investors.

We will start on iOS development when we have found Product/Market Fit or when we have other indications of high usage and low churn on our app and platform. We cannot predict when that will be.

This is a search in unknown terrain. Therefore, nobody can predict this. The average time to find Product/Market Fit (according to experts) is about three years. We have been working on it since April, 2017. It is impossible to plan a date for the positive outcome of a search effort.

How to Invest

We will close this funding round at midnight CET, Sunday, 31st March, 2019.

  • Signed agreements need to be received by this time.
  • Financial transactions need to be completed by 30 April, 2019.
  • Special offers will be awarded in May, 2019 to qualifying investors.

We will most likely offer shares at some point in the future but at a higher valuation

If you are ready to invest this round, please submit this form.


You can make an investment from any country in the world.


The minimum required size of investments is EUR 1000.

You will sign a simple agreement with the Agility Scales Foundation. This foundation has shares in our company and grants you all rights to property, profits, and votes via certificates. Such an entity is called a Special Purpose Vehicle. The structure is very similar to the nominee structure that Seedrs uses.

The investment process includes 5 main steps:

  1. Register your interest and we will send you links to the full pitch deck and investor info package.
  2. Start the investment process (link available to those who register) and we’ll ask to confirm details we need for official documents
  3. Verify your identity and send us proof of your address (we will tell you how)
  4. Sign the investment document and send back to us
  5. Organize transfer of funds

We’ll send you the countersigned investment document (your certificate) as pdf documents as soon as your payment has arrived in our bank account.

After that, we’ll deliver bonuses as appropriate (e.g. free for life licenses, speaking engagement, etc. – see Special Offers FAQ). We’ll include you in all our shareholder updates and events.

This process can be completed in 3-5 days, depending on how quickly you’re able to provide the necessary documentation and on how long the funds transfer takes.

Existing Investors

At this time, we will sell certificates through the Agility Scales Foundation and not through Seedrs. Using Seedrs now would require issuing new shares (and dilution for current investors).

If you are an existing Seedrs investor, you can buy additional shares through the Foundation, which means you will own certificates in Agility Scales through two different entities. To us, it makes no difference!

At some point in the future, we intend to organize a swap of Seedrs certificates for Foundation certificates, or vice versa, just to make things easier for you.

No. We have existing, unsold certificates remaining and shares of existing shareholders will not be diluted at this time.

If you are an existing investor, please check your email for the investor updates we’ve sent to you many times this past year. (If you are a Seedrs investor, you will also find them posted on Seedrs.)

The next progress report will be an investor live call with CEO Jurgen on November 12th.

If you are not receiving our updates, please contact us so we can update our mailing list.

Investment Details

Each quarter, we decide how much equity we offer for sale, and how much capital we seek. This is shown in the Pitch Deck on the slide “Ask/Use of Funds”. The amount depends on our forecasts of costs and revenues.

Each quarter, we decide how much equity we offer for sale, and how much capital we seek. This is shown in the Pitch Deck on the slide “Ask/Use of Funds”. The amount depends on our forecasts of costs and revenues.

The valuation is €5.536M. It is the valuation of the previous round (€5M) plus the 536K cash injection from Seedrs and Wemanity that we received at the time. Because we have not yet found Product/Market Fit, we believe we have not yet earned the right to increase the valuation.

The earlier valuation of €5M was based on experience, the amount of capital needed (between 300K and 1M), and the generally accepted percentage for seed rounds (between 6% to 20%). The valuation was discussed and agreed upon with several investors.

In the Investor Resources Google Drive folder, we have available for you the Articles of Association, the Trust Conditions of Administration, and other official documents. You can get them by registering your interest.

You can see the short version online here on our website. For the expanded version, please register your interest – you’ll find a button on the page to do so.

Nobody knows. If you require an estimate of the ROI, you should not invest in a startup and you should choose other (safer) investment opportunities instead.

No. Everything is handled remotely and digitally. The signed agreement and your payment are enough proof that you have ownership. You will also be listed in the official registry of certificate owners. We do not send physical documents. But you will get a regular update which is exclusive to shareholders.

We’re a small team and unfortunately, we cannot schedule calls individually with everyone in the crowd. But you can ask questions in our Slack community (click here for an invite to join), or reach out to us through chat here on our website (click blue chat button, bottom right).

We aim to produce a return on investment or an exit within seven years. This is what we have agreed upon with Seedrs (during our previous investment round), and it is also what we want as a company. It is possible that shares become liquid earlier. Seedrs is experimenting with a secondary market, and the Foundation may also consider options for an earlier exchange of certificates. But as an investor, you must wait for the exit. You cannot sell shares yourself.


No. The crowdfunding is already successful! 🙂

No. Shareholders are not liable for debts in the business. This is only possible with criminal organizations. We do not intend to become criminals.

The money you pay will legally count as an investment and ownership of equity in a company. In some countries, investments are tax deductible. You will have to figure that out yourself.

In the future, if we decide to pay dividends on shares, or if we sell the company, it would legally count as income for you. You will probably be taxed for that.

Don’t count on it. Startups almost never pay out dividends to investors. The goal is to achieve an exit (sale of the company or IPO) in seven years or earlier. We will follow regular procedures for limited liability companies, meaning that profit sharing (dividend) is an annual decision that will be made by the company’s management and shareholders together.

We do not arrange conversations between other (potential) investors to protect people’s privacy. Investors’ names only become known (to other investors) after they have signed and paid and received shares.

For conversations about our product and our company, we will gladly invite you to our Slack channels where all community conversations take place.

Sorry, we are a fully digital company. We don’t print anything and we have no letterhead. Everything we do is fully legal. Our accountant and notary make sure of that. The proof of your ownership will be the signed agreement, the bank payment, and your name in our (public) registry of certificate holders.

Sorry no. Our accountant says there is normally no invoice for the transfer of shares. The contract is the legal document that is the basis for the transaction and therefore, you should show the contract to your accountant, your bank, and/or your tax office. The contract has the same information as an invoice: amount, date, address, unique number, company details, etc. We don’t generate an invoice for the purchase of equity. It is not a product or service.

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