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6th December Update:

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Agile Crowdfunding

You may have seen CEO Jurgen’s post about our approach to funding – making it more agile than the normal funding process. We are going to fund for shorter periods and increase the opportunities to iterate and improve.

Funding will remain open until we reach our funding goal (available in the registered investor pack).

How does the process work?

  1. Register your interest and we will send you links to the full pitch deck and investor info package.
  2. Start the investment process (link available once you register) and confirm details we need for official documents
  3. Verify your identity and address (we will tell you how)
  4. Sign the investment document and send back to us
  5. Organize transfer of funds
  6. We’ll send you the countersigned investment document (your certificate) as a pdf document.
Keep up the good work! In my opinion, what you’re creating is going to be epic. It seems strange that an app like yours wasn’t developed already.
Laurens Bonnema
Agile Management Consultant
I really like the idea that teams are able to use a rich platform where they can cherry pick different activities for different situations.
Benjamin Geens
Organizational Agility Facilitator
As a Mind Settlers user, I love journeys for my daily work; they help me to stay on track and the included practices give me valuable input from people around the world.
Silvio Corti
Agile Coach/Scrum Master