January Metrics — 2 adjustments, 2 conclusions

January Metrics — 2 adjustments, 2 conclusions

We committed to reporting on metrics monthly, to give you some transparency into our progress. Here you go.

Business metrics — Strong

Our churn and conversion rates are strong. These metrics are a proxy for the overall experience in Mind Settlers as well as our success at delivering enough value during onboarding.

As I mentioned last month, we were watching to see if the December improvement in conversions continued, and I’m happy to report yes it did!

Click here to see definitions for each metric.

Platform metrics — Adjusted.

We recently discovered that improvements delivered in the late December app release skewed our active user numbers. A new event category for notification events was not excluded from our active users calculation and inflated our active user count. We have corrected 2 of the metrics for December, shown in the table above.

Therefore, the jump in % of active users reported last month was overstated and the average content views reported was too low. (More on this later…)

Content metrics — Strong

Growth in content picked up again, providing more quality, actionable ideas for players to explore, share and use. We have also started introducing authors to the new content management portal as noted last month. It’s looking better and better (contact me through Slack if you want to take a look).

There are many initiatives underway that will lead to the capture of new, quality content for players:

  • 2 enterprise pilots are underway that include content for teams, some of which will be public best practices.
  • An experiment involving answering requests for advice is also underway and generating some amazing tracks like this one in Mind Settlers.
  • A pilot using Mind Settlers for workshop activities is underway, and pilots for post -workshop activities and services will be next.

2 Conclusions

We’re headed in the right direction.

Looking at our Conversion/Churn metrics, the work we’ve done is having a positive impact. We need to continue to make it easier for players and deliver on the 5 areas of value.

We need better platform activity metrics.

Clearly, we need new platform metrics that do a better job measuring value delivered to users. Tracking content views per user is not the indicator of value or positive progress that we need. The metric doesn’t help us measure the success of our experiments or releases.

  • Content views does not correlate with value delivered. Someone finding something great could leave as soon as they found it. Someone who searched for answers, looked at 15 content items could give up and not have a successful visit despite spending a lot of time in Mind Settlers. But someone browsing content could have a GREAT time exploring many items.
  • To further muddy the ‘content view’ waters — our recent release included a redesigned Practice layout that now embeds activity content on the same page, which reduced the screens needed to access the same content as before. This well-received improvement will definitely reduce the average content views per user.

We know what we’re going to do.

We have spent a lot of time looking at our next phase. We need platform metrics that better measure the VALUE people are getting from Mind Setters. They should be our primary focus, as business metrics are simply the result of successfully delivering value.

We’ve chosen a value-focused North Star metric for the next 3 months. Look out for another post soon with more details.

Own part of Agility Scales.

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46 Countries, 430 Shareholders

We want to welcome new and repeat investors, participating in our agile crowdfunding campaign, to the Agility Scales shareholder community.

Investor Stats

Our shareholders come from 46 countries around the world!

Top investors include CEO Jurgen Appelo and Wemanity.

Since our latest funding round opened a few months ago, 24,490 new shares/certificates have been issued.

The largest single investment was €30,000. The smallest investment was €1,000.

We’re grateful for the votes of confidence, shared vision, and enthusiasm for our project. Thank you!

Free for life Standard License Draw

We awarded Free-for-Life Standard Licenses to 17 people around the world purchasing shares worth €2,500 or more. We won’t share names, but we can tell you that they come from Canada, France, Germany, India, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Switzerland, and the United States.

This offer will continue quarter-by-quarter until further notice or until a maximum of 200 Free-For-Life licenses have been distributed, with a maximum of 50 per quarter. So there are plenty left!

One-hour Talk by Jurgen

6 people reached the investment threshold for the One-hour talk by Jurgen Appelo and have been notified. Now they liaise with Jurgen to mutually agree on a topic and a time to speak with their organization, conference, association, meetup, or team…it’s up to them!

There are a total of 10 free talks this year available — so 4 spots are left.

Investor Updates and Live Call

We’ll be reaching out to everyone in our investor community soon with our January update and details on the next live call. Make sure you check out the latest on our ‘just-in-time’ funding strategy in the meantime.

If you’re ready to join our quest for business agility and own part of Agility Scales, we suggest you click here.

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Turning Knowledge into Action

Have you ever returned from a fantastic training and found, 2 months later, that you’ve hardly used any of the knowledge or ideas that you acquired? It’s happened to me, I admit.
Photo: Ceyda Erten
I’m not talking about cooking classes, running technique workshops or software training where you’ve got something extremely concrete to do. I’m talking about work-related training where you acquire concepts, strategies, tools, and techniques you can use back at work. And I’m not talking about passing a test! Most courses give you a quiz or test at the end, and then hand you a certificate - as if knowledge acquisition was the goal rather than using what you got. So, back to the great training course that 2 months later, hasn’t resulted in tangible improvements at work. You know new exciting things, but can’t quite pin down how they’ve improved what you’re doing at work. My own experience has shown me that after training:
  • Daily work takes over
  • It’s difficult to decide how to start
  • Internal roadblocks arise
  • It never makes it to the top of my list.
Unless I have an immediate burning need, taking action to convert knowledge into action is too much work.

We know it’s a problem.

One consultant/trainer I spoke with about this problem told me she’s gone so far as to provide her participants with an action plan worksheet at the beginning of her workshop: as they go along, they can capture what they want to try back at work. They walk away with tasks and activities that they’ve chosen, she said…and show up for her follow-up video call one month later, not having gotten around to doing anything! Even with consistently great reviews and 5-star ratings from participants, she wonders about how much of a positive impact her work actually makes. It’s hard to tell, sometimes. Companies know it’s a problem, too. Here’s what Lazlo Bock (former SVP of People Operations at Google) said in his book, Work Rules: American companies spent $156 Bn on learning programs in 2011, a staggering sum […]. Most of that money and time is wasted. Not because the training is necessarily bad, but because there’s no measure of what is actually learned and what behaviors change as a result.
I think it’s more than a measurement problem — the needed behavior change isn’t happening for most of us.

Sparking Action, Capturing Results.

At Agility Scales, we’re working on the space AFTER you learn something new. Our Mind Settlers platform can help people experiment, track value, and share what worked and what didn’t with the community. We’re combining this with resources to make it easier to take action and remote coaching when people need help.
Soon, we’ll be doing our first prototype tests of this model with groups of workshop participants. Wouldn’t it be nice for individuals to use more of what they’ve learned and increase their positive impact on their organizations? And wouldn’t it be nice for organizations to increase the ROI for learning and professional development? And wouldn’t it be nice to create the funnel for crowdsourced business advice at the same time?
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Giving away shares in Agility Scales

We’re giving Mind-Settlers subscribers shares in our company.
Flickr @thescott365
During preparations for our current funding round, we realized we wanted to recognize the contributions of our long-standing Mind Settlers subscribers. They are a vital part of the platform — they make it possible for us to iterate and improve it. They use it, thrash it, critique it and show us its value. So we set up a Loyal Customer Shares Program as a way to stay thank you.

12-month subscribers are invited to join us as shareholders in the company.

If you are a paid subscriber of the Mind Settlers platform for 12 continuous months, you will be awarded shares in Agility Scales. Four times per year, on January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1, we will convert 25% of fees paid in the preceding 12 months to shares. You’ll find full program details here. We emailed this quarter’s recipients 2 weeks ago and have started issuing certificates and welcoming them to our shareholder community — over 400 people and organizations from more than 40 countries around the world. Thanks again for your continued support, The Agility Scales Team

If you’d like to try the Mind Settlers Android app free for 30 days, click here.

If you’d like to try the Mind Settlers Android app free for 30 days, click here. If you’d like to purchase shares to fuel our quest for business agility, click here.
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December Metrics are in!

We committed to reporting on metrics monthly, to give you some transparency into our progress. Here you go.


We saw an improvement in the conversion rate (trial to paid). The percentage of paid users using Mind Settlers increased substantially, and the average number of content views decreased! See below for insights into why.
Click here to see definitions for each metric.

Business Metrics (green)

These metrics are a proxy for the overall experience in Mind Settlers as well as our success at delivering enough value during onboarding. Our monthly churn is still healthy, despite the number creeping towards October levels. The good news is that the conversion rate has improved significantly, and we’re watching January closely to see if this sustains.

Platform Activity Metrics (yellow)

The number of paying users active on the platform increased again! Despite anticipating a slowdown for European and American users due to the traditional holiday period, the number was strong and we’re pleased to see it. In mid-December, we released app notifications (Monday new content update). The November survey revealed the top reason users have for not using Mind Settlers was that many simply forget, so this may be helping. However, the monthly average number of content views decreased significantly. We chose this number to be an indication of increased engagement by users, but now see that it’s tricky: improvements in finding content could lead people to a useful idea sooner (after which they stop looking at content), but if they are browsing without a goal, lower content views aren’t good. We’re digging into the details behind this number and also looking to change going forward to a better activity metric for increased engagement. Behind the public metrics, we saw:
  • a 66% increase over November in total active users. There were a lot of new users and returning users taking another look (probably due to our crowdfunding outreach).
  • an increase from a monthly average of 2.5 to 3.3 visits to Mind Settlers for active users.
These two statistics include not only paid users but also trial users, authors, and lifetime license holders.

Content Metrics (purple)

Content Creation — while December was low, this was mainly due to the holidays and the honeymoon of an Agility Scales team member. January already has seen 34 new actionable ideas and 3 new authors appearing on the Mind Settlers platform. It’s also worth noting that the online authoring portal will be tested by the first group of authors this month. We expect this major improvement to content creation will bring more player authors forward as it becomes easier to create your own practices and tracks. Another new stream of content contributors will result from the post-training virtual coaching service that includes content: trainers can use Mind Settlers to provide content for their trainees, to support them taking action back at work.

Looking Forward

Jurgen recently wrote about using Mind Settlers in the new Shiftup workshops — find out more here. And stay tuned for more details as well as an update on next quarter’s product roadmap and key metrics.
You’ve Got Gold in your Hands.

Do you want to own a piece of the future of agile transformations?

Invest by January 31st if you want to participate in the quarterly Lifetime Standard License draw or 1-hour talk by Jurgen Appelo offer for qualifying investors. We’ll notify recipients early February. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until May. Own part of Agility Scales

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