Becoming agile

…being Agile doesn’t mean throwing out all rules and processes following the way of the old Wild West. Being Agile does mean working in a lightweight, highly responsive way...
Gauri Reyes

Being an Agile person is not down to innate talent. It is a specific set of skills that need to be learned and developed over time. Just announcing that you are now ‘doing Agile’ — whatever that means — is not enough. Most of us, used to other ways of working, are not going to wake up one day and have these skills.

The iterative, incremental, personal and reflective skills necessary to succeed in an agile environment are not being taught in most of today’s schools or businesses, and as such we need take initiative to develop them ourselves.

So, the big question: where do we start?

The good news is like all agile projects, your own skills can be developed in an agile way too. Use these three actionable Guides from the Mind Settlers platform as an MVP (minimum viable practice) to get started:

Use the Guides in the Mind Settlers app to rate, review, and track your progress.

Monday: Set up an epic week — a personal “sprint planning”

Daily Wins — steps to ensure your work aligns with your priorities

Friday: Personal retrospective — acknowledgement, learning, iterating

Do you like this approach to developing your work agility? Do you have other ideas? Please share.

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