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Once upon a time, there was a dynamic Dutch guy named Jurgen, known for innovation, fun and human connection in the world of business. He helped teams, managers, and leaders improve results by making work more enjoyable for humans, an oft-forgotten art. He delighted his audiences with humor, provided actionable ideas that worked, and gave people permission to play again.

One day, he looked back and realized that the major efforts by leaders, experts and coaches had only made a very small dent into the problems confronted by successful organizations. Solutions took months or years to implement. People and teams didn’t really want to change their behaviors or activities, so most solutions didn’t work as intended, if at all. Problems kept coming back in different forms, again and again.

Organizations kept looking for a magic formula – a universal framework or methodology – that would solve all their business problems when applied. But all it took was one industry shift, innovative competitor, or disruptive technology to make the chosen “magic formula” ineffective. And then the organization had to look for something else.

This pattern bothered Jurgen immensely. He spent long hours mulling over what could be done.

One day, while drinking a particularly good latte at his favorite cafe, he declared, “I’ve had enough! It’s time to do something about this problem.”

This turned into

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Mind Settlers

Mind Settlers, the Agility Scales game app, helps people develop agile mindsets by supporting them as they innovate, building new habits and skills, and enabling constant iteration and crowd-sourcing of practices that are working effectively in real-world situations.

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