Our Product Roadmap – preview for 2018

Our Product Roadmap – preview for 2018

On December 5th, during the Agility Scales Product Roadmap preview session, Jurgen Appelo and Iain Thackrah spoke about our current product status and where we’re going. We got some great questions at the end as well (thanks, guys). Here are some of the themes that Iain touched on:

  • Personal Use – connecting, personalization
  • Collaborative Use – actionable content, collaboration
  • Enterprise
  • Content Creators
  • Strengthening – gameful design, multi-dimensional content, expand accessibility


Click here to explore the Product Roadmap that we shared.

We hope you’ll join the conversation in Slack here and tell us what you think! (Or please contact us at info@www.agilityscales.com)

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